Coin Master is a super popular game you can play on Android and IOS devices. Do you have what it takes to become the new Coin Master? Are you the best next Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior or Viking? You will need spins to get more attack time, raids, shields or more loot! Once you have enough, you will have coins and gold sacks to build healthy villages and defend against the other Vikings trying to raid you. Become the Strongest Coin Master with free spins!

We will show you how you can get the most Coin Master Free Spins and what the most important things are that you need to know about coin master.

How To Get Coin Master Free Spins

There are several ways that you can get Coin Master free spins. First of all, do you have a lot of friends on Facebook? Invite them all! You will get 40 (!) spins for each friend that you invite. What do your friends need to do? For you to get the 40 free spins, your friends will need to go to the app store, download and install Coin Master, log in to their Facebook account and accept your invitation. Once they have received your request, you will get your free spins.

Now that you have invited all your friends, you can give each other free spins and coins every day! That’s not all, because for each hour you wait you can get an additional 5 spins per hour. So that’s an extra 50 spins for free in just 10 hours. Or 120 Coin Master Free Spins per day!

Sign up for the Coin Master Facebook Page! Many times the people that made Coin Master will give you free coins and free spins on their Facebook page.

How can I use My Coin Master Free Spins?

First of all, you need to spin to win your loot! So use the Free Spins that you already won. Now you can win things like attack time, loot, raids or shields.

Is that the only way to win loot?

No, because now you can attack other Vikings and steal all their loot! Attack as many fellow Vikings as you can to get as much loot as possible. Got enough? Start building your village into the best and biggest village around. Now attack more Vikings and attack the Vikings that attacked you! You never know what you will find in the next town!

The stronger you get, the higher you will get in levels. You can be the strongest Viking around with the strongest village.

What about treasure?

The most valuable treasure you can get with Coin Master Free Spins is Cards! How do you get more cards? First of all, make sure you have enough free spins so you can get more attack time, more raids and more shields. Then, attack all the villages around to find more cards. The more cards you find, the better.

So what are the best cards to find? Below we put some of the rarest cards that you can find:

Very Rare, Very Valuable Cards:

Torero, Martian Lettuce and Barrel Tank

Rare cards, Valuable Cards:

Farmer Feng, Satyr, Hobby Horse, Santa, Creaky Crow, Mythical Tune, Aztec Princess

There are many groups on Facebook where you can trade the cards for other cards that are not yet in your possession. Or just show off all the great cards that you collected by raiding villages and stealing the cards from others!


In coin master, you can get pets! These pets all have special powers that will help you get more coins and help you to raid more villages, one is even there to protect your village. The Pets are the following:


Foxy is the first pet that you can unlock in level 4 and is very helpful. When you do raids, Foxy will dig up the fourth spot to earn coins! Foxy is also the one that will teach you everything there is to know about how to feed and care for your pets, and how to level them up!


Once you collect all the Beast Cards, you can get Tiger, who is super helpful when you attack other players villages. But, you need to make sure he is awake when you do this. So what does Tiger do? Tiger helps to increase the number of coins that you win during attacks!


Rhino is here to help you protect your village from angry opponents. If someone attacks you and you run out of shields, then Rhino can block the attack. Just keep in mind that Rhino only has a 10% chance of blocking the attack if he is just born, so you will need to feed him enough XP potions! The more potions he has had, the more chances he has to help you. You can get Rhino by completing the Creatures Card Collection.

Just make sure that you keep your pets awake and feed them enough potions; otherwise, they will not be able to help you!

So now you know how to play Coin Master, and what the most important features are of this fantastic game that you can play from your phone or tablet. And more importantly, you know now as well how to get the most Coin Master Free Spins!

By Woolley

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